She said

I remember she said

She said one day

 I miss the mountains

our walks along nature’s trail

watching eagles soar

kissing the clouds

scent of columbine flowers

offering upon a breeze

 beauty to awaken the senses

life is best that way.


In this chair

in this chair

I sit at times

in this chair

to be close to those

whom once I shared

setting suns.

I hear laughter

within the wind

I remember smiles shared

on long trips

late August nights

going anywhere but here.

When the wind blows

the passion of life

across my still frame

I wish with heart

in this chair

I could return





We are like tornadoes

building up inside

passion about to collide

not knowing

when lust shall explode

leaving us in pieces

exhausted from a storm

of total extreme.

Our bodies not aware

of moments in bliss

too lost in oblivion

while exceeding limitations

of stored up imaginations

reaching peaks

beyond blue skies

cradled comfortably in

hearts and souls

as one

refusing to come undone.

Shackled desires


at last able to be


a fury



But wait!

but wait!

Words so apt

slipped off my tongue

to disclose passion

but wait!

Been there, done that

on your lips

while grasping hips

pulling you in.

1 Day

1 day


1 day

love fell

saw it’s reflection

in red

hurt was exposed

lies became cuts

deeper than known

until at the gates of


love cried.

Love cried tears


released emotions stored up

never shown before

fell to weak knees


I face my worse fear

and now I must embrace

the darkness within.

Love, unable to change

faced the tragedy


gasping for air

that was removed

by someone who didn’t care.

Love collected up

the lessons

processed them all

stood straight and proud

exclaimed, I am wise

no longer will I be

a pawn in some game

I will center my self on stage

prepare to battle foes

who seek to make me weak

for I am love

the strongest force on earth

and in all the universe.


In the dark


In the dark

out there

in the dark

sounds of clowns creep around

taking your breath away

a stalker


to pounce

on your heart

the lonely one without love.

Nights awaken

the calling to be held

to have someone

whisper in your ear

remove the fear

of living

without meaning.

In the dark

countless memories stir

you seek to dismantle the void

accept the next fling

knowing love is out there

but not tonight.

Players line up

to practice their swing

drop lines on your wings

fill your emptiness

but when the morning comes

darkness returns.

Love returns to the pit

of hell

you scream

why me.


www image


call Faith


Somewhere along the way

to this magical place

a turn was made

directing me straight to me.

Now, keep this in your mind

I listened to Bob

don’t matter where I might go

I just go

no need to question, sidestep alibis

lodged in a wondering mind

those thoughts clutter ideas

I been working on for years.

I could be wrong, right

but I recall a stop once made

in a truck stop, outside of Memphis,

it was quite late

sitting in a bathroom stall

I noticed a message

call Faith

for a good time.

Religion in a shitty space

face to face

as I scrawled the number on

my pants leg

determined to discover the meaning of


I was breathing hard

when I made my exit outside

searching for a telephone booth

while digging in my pocket for a quarter

thinking Faith doesn’t really cost that much


In the serenity of a phone booth

I dropped my quarter, waited

ring after ring

until finally my religion was restored

with a sweet hello

this is Faith,

how can I bless you?

Now this caught me off guard

had to peddle fast to recover

but in no time I was willing to speak

about me