Leaning in to find

leaning in to find

Often late at night

heart blurts out

words impossible to rhyme

as I lean in to find

an aura of me

one that ignites like stars

on a sleepless night

when each thought burns bright

often more than can be formed

to comprehend until

morning shines again.

Waking to find

traces of where I’ve been

often reveals despair

removed by scribbling down

hazy tunnels of gloom

rhyming none the less

with a rhythm of

internal love.

At the edge of failure

at the edge of failure

Don’t go there, ever

at the edge of failure

it’s too harsh to contemplate

with thoughts besieged

in darkness deciding

which path to take


At the edge of failure


shake off fleas

that became irritating along the way

look within


the beauty of






as another storm fades

light is waiting

to brighten eyes in search of

more than what’s been seen

past few days

in darkness, thinking

too damn much about

all the raindrops, lightening strikes

that imposed a sanctuary of

bleakness, not to mention

written emotions.

Waiting to finish those emotions

that kept a heart open

now closed


Passionate text

passionate TEXT

Passionate text

around nine, mostly in skylight

words appear that might

stimulate a brain or

by human error

other parts starving to hear

observations of life regarding

recommendations about love

or a summary of

how it feels.

Arguments, suspicions

appear without fail

questions go unanswered

as confessions are whispered

sipping iced tea in hell.

Between lines, confusion lies

words are whiskey slurred

passionate text

to be read sober along with

jumbled alibis.