She’ll learn

she'll learn

She’ll learn from every thing
that is placed, dropped, thrown,
kicked or shoved into her path.

She’ll inspect and reject
walk through the dilemmas
and pursue her way forward.

She’ll become a strong woman
many will lose the privilege
to behold and truly know.

She’ll learn to respect
to have compassion for those
who need it most.

When she discovers this world
is full of hate and greed
she’ll overlook those indeed.

With each sunrise she’ll see
all the beauty others miss
and politely say thanks.

Her path will be rough
yet smooth like music
while dancing away the blues.

She’ll understand herself
though others may never
have that chance.




I glide across


matching your heartbeat

I hear in dreams

each night

I surrender to.


A soft breeze enters

through a window

like your breath

upon my chest

as pleasure settles on my skin

a reminder of what has been.


Humming into

familiar dreams

reaching for frets

on you

to somehow master

a loving tune

you’ll surrender to.


Let it all go

let it all go

I’m glued together
duct taped in places
bailing wire and caulk
do the best they can
to make sure I’m complete.

I’ve been accused of
having a soft heart
dangerous mind
for I can at times
take life
make it rhyme.

I’m speaking to you
in ink
to make you think.

So, I’m here
guilty as you please
because of that
I can state facts.

I’m Sydney smooth
Colorado high
your best best
and all purposes
in between
just letting go
to make you complete.

I’m almost deaf
but ain’t dead or dumb
so think twice before
you scorn
for I’m swifter than Taylor
at least in my mind
and Miranda got it wrong
in her song
for it should have been
behind every man is
a woman waiting
to tear him down.

The devil in me
spits out
pronouns and verbs
whatever they are
kinda like herbs.

So my advice is
get in, buckle up
and shut the f**k up
for this is me
my rollercoaster
didn’t force you to buy
a ticket to ride.

All I know for sure
is I’m here
or next door to you
and I heard your sigh
seen you wipe away
tears cried.

Now relax
give me a minute or two
to finish this
transfer almost complete.

There, I’m on your screen
have a nice day

But, do be careful
not to open my cage
or I’ll write a tale
full of unspent rage.

Oh, I should mention
I’ve been known
to dress up words
like a Barbie doll
just to stay connected
to my feminine side
so be careful who
you call a bitch
I’ve got nails.


In spaces between

in spaces between

In spaces between

beauty & breaths

lingers your voice

of questions

promptly answered

without hesitation

or choice.

In spaces between

your birth, death


a God designed smile

carried deep in my chest

that comforts


Between spaces in

each room

lingers so many memories

filled with inspiration

that helps void gloom

when missing you.










she wrote then

To comfort me now

quietly of dreams

each one brighter than

days before

allowed her heart to grow

like branches on a new tree.

Cogent form her forte

inherited, from her Dad,

I believe

showing fragile emotions

of steps taken, encounters

accepted delicate movements

a heart feels when intense pain

flairs, clogs a brain

yet managed to write

without apprehension, choosing

to delight using sentences

filled with senses.

You remind me of

you remind me of

You are my room of white
where I cannot hide
you force out all that’s buried inside
all the things I wish would disappear
you make everything pour out
make them flow from the hole in my heart.

It all seems like a dream
even the endless pain seems so surreal
you are a room of white
and I am your black mistake
you are a sheet of paper, I am ink
you remind me of snow.

I am your muddy patches, all wrong
but you don’t mind cause you are
an ink stain too, pure to me
because I’m only human, bound to pour ink
upon fresh snow white sheets
yet because I am human, pure to me
I am a black mistake, a stain
a muddy patch and still

At the edge of

at the edge of

At the edge of

life, dreams, love

 sat down to intake

what, where, when

took a solemn breath


heaven and hell.

Scattered about, noticed why

heart endured

reasoned tears cried

accepted human form, flaws

seen with eyes

such beauty

quick hello’s, long goodbyes.

Now placed on blank paper

it sinks in

each moment spent was

an eternity

at the edge of

life, dreams, love.


Lasting memory

lasting memory

At first I thought it strange

noises coming from the kitchen

knowing you should be sound asleep

and so I blew it off until

same sound echoed down the hall

and then I sat up wondering.

Slowly I removed myself from bed

tiptoed down the hall to look and see

and there you were, dancing

barefoot on the tiles, squeak-squeak.

I smiled a smile that speaks

a thousand thoughts instantly

taking in the beauty of each swirl

that only a father gets to see.

You may never know my little girl

how much love you gave me that night

but magic was in the air along with

a memory that burns true and bright.

Then you became like a kaleidoscope

that changed before my very eyes

but squeaky bare feet shall always be

the daughter I love continually.


I suppose


A butterfly, you, I suppose

lands on my shoulder

flutters its way into

my heart.

I hear a sigh


matching mine

though far apart

it resonates.

Thankful these moments


for life does indeed

from time to time

place stars in my eyes.

A butterfly

you, I suppose.

Follow me

follow me

An angel in sandals

carrying candles

lighting the way down a path

I must journey alone.

My eyeballs
to coming events
having left so many places
without a taste
not knowing the final cost
would find me here to waste


you cruel companion

you have given, taken

left me now with you


Had I had a poet’s heart
a stranger’s life
a mind worth sharing
who knows where I
would be now
counting moments
between half-ass rhymes
I am no longer invincible
pain now hurts
body aches are real
breathing deep impossible
sleep but a dream
as that angel in sandals
follow me