It hurts


It, LOVE, hurts

that’s how it began

nothing she wouldn’t do

for love.

She stayed hidden

in darkness

only breathing for him

powerless to defend

as her skin

absorbed the blows

again and again.

Terror replaced the love

she longed for, had dreamed of

while watching Cinderella,

but got a beast instead

one that destroyed her

one bruise at a time.

I told her one night

as her tears flowed

this is the last time I

take you to the emergency room

to get stitched up

put back together again

for I can’t witness your life


for love.


With each drop

each drop of rain

At the pond of lost dreams

memories refreshed with each drop

of rain

a reminder of those who passed

offered smiles on a path

as life continued

with steps into beginnings

whilst carrying in heart

beauty of friendships

though conflicts of pain

from missing remains

at the pond of

lost dreams




In a small cafe I noticed

her eyes flutter like butterflies

when conversation turns

to her hopes & dreams.

As I listened to them

awareness of sincerity unfolded.

She spoke about ghosts

wanting to rehome them

so her dreams could develop

in hues other than invisible.

She confessed to having baggage

left by others along the way

said she feels broken

but must find a way.

I politely nodded, then replied

it’s never to late to chase

rainbows across fields

ride a unicorn to the stars

so be brave, give it your best

broken only applies to broken things

not hearts

brainwashed was only a test.

So hear those butterflies fluttering about

conquer your fears of doubt.


Cluster panel of life

cluster panel

1984 Piper Malibu

getting ready to fly

1970 aston martin db6

Before the sun lays down

taking time to fly

above the cluster panel of life

where high above strife

breathing becomes free.

Thinking life is a cluster panel

a heart needs to study

which one to read to navigate

through soft breezes, storms.

A quick ride in an Aston Martin

before flight

speaks volumes about

luxury of life

that does not proof much

unless thankful

so scribbled down, pen touched

paper once again

as heart soared among clouds

feeling blessed.

My friend

my friend

With heart I share

a sky to tuck

your rhymes in

to gaze at when

your thoughts begin

to be inspired.

With heart open

begin another day

scribble down mon ami

words of all beauty

you truly see.


How pure

how pure


Through spans of time

friendships are formed

to enlighten a heart

occasionally remove dark

that forms from wanting

too much too soon

causing descents far from


How pure to contemplate


decide which direction

fits needs

besides a sound sleep

an occasional meal for two

a stroll around a lake

wait for sunset

to enlighten a heart

listen to dreams

then politely escape apart

from how pure life should be.