At the edge of

at the edge of

At the edge of

life, dreams, love

 sat down to intake

what, where, when

took a solemn breath


heaven and hell.

Scattered about, noticed why

heart endured

reasoned tears cried

accepted human form, flaws

seen with eyes

such beauty

quick hello’s, long goodbyes.

Now placed on blank paper

it sinks in

each moment spent was

an eternity

at the edge of

life, dreams, love.


Slowly being repaired

wistful moments

Wistful moments


deep in heart

another day.

Tunes hummed

catching rays

sunflower dancing

 smile welcomed

another day.


this is not despair

it’s a work of

slowly being repaired.

In the mirror

in the mirror


sinking slowly with sun

going 85 mph

everything a blur.

A voice grabs my attention

I firmly grasp steering wheel

knowing what I feel

cannot be scribbled down

going fast through heart

so memories they remain.


Symphony of Nature

symphony of nature

Another peaceful night

listening to the symphony

of nature, recalling

brisk walk as sun made room

for designed stars, moon.

I marveled listening to Robins

hues changing with  each glimpse

a small reminder how gentle

life offers a chance

to breathe in

exhale each sound, sight.


Final seconds

final seconds


Amazing how swift

it disappears

leaving an impression

upon a heart to consider

how time permits a glimpse

of wonders to breathe in

with hope it returns again.

Perspectives viewed

in radiant hues

dreams awakened to slumber through

when eyes close briefly to think

final seconds of beautiful day

is allowed to rest

become anew.

How pure

how pure


Through spans of time

friendships are formed

to enlighten a heart

occasionally remove dark

that forms from wanting

too much too soon

causing descents far from


How pure to contemplate


decide which direction

fits needs

besides a sound sleep

an occasional meal for two

a stroll around a lake

wait for sunset

to enlighten a heart

listen to dreams

then politely escape apart

from how pure life should be.